Searching for that dream piloting job and wondering why employers aren’t calling back? It’s probably your resume. A resume isn’t just a document showing your previous employment; it’s the highlight reel of your qualifications and talent. Without a strong resume, even a career pilot with the best qualifications will be overlooked. Here are some tips to help you create a resume that will earn you a spot in the interview room.


Personal Information

This is pretty basic, but still important. You’ll want to list:

  • Your name
  • Mailing address
  • Date of Birth
  • Telephone Number (reachable; usually a cell number)
  • Email (make sure that the address sounds professional and includes your full name)


You’ll want to write the job title and specify the type of position you’re applying for here; i.e., “To attain full-time position as Captain at XXXX Airways.”


Flight Hours

Airlines want to know how much airtime you’ve had for the position you are going for. Include the total amount of airtime you’ve had and which specific positions you’ve logged hours in. For example:



  • Total Time – X hours
  • X hours Pilot in Command
  • X hours Second in Command
  • X hours current position


Here, you’ll write your Certificates and Ratings. List your highest certificates first, additional certificates, highest ratings, licenses, etc. This is the section you have to shine the most and prove you are fit for the applied position.


Work Experience

In this section, show where you’ve worked before. Start with the most recent position, and go from there. Keep it short and correct. Mention company name, years of employment, title, and aircraft type you’ve flown. Don’t lie either – many employers will do background checks.



Note the degree and university you attended. You won’t need to mention high school, but do remember to list any recent training you’ve had, such as air simulation.


Skills, Languages, Achievements

This is another area you can shine in. Any relevant achievements, skills you have, or languages you know will help your resume stand out from others.


Even the best pilot will have a hard time getting in the job without a strong resume. Hopefully, these tips will polish up your resume, get you off the ground, and into the air.