For many people, visiting a public bathroom is an uncomfortable event that causes significant hesitation. Such circumstances may be multiplied many fold when the restroom in question is located on a commercial airliner. Fortunately, however, there might be certain occasions that are more optimal than others to execute this potentially uneasy but necessary task when in the midst of air travel.

Immediately After The Seat Belt Sign Is Turned Off

Provided there are no turbulence or other flight-related issues, the plane’s captain will turn off the fasten seat belt sign as the aircraft approaches its cruising altitude. In many instances, this is not too long into a particular flight. The minutes immediately following the seat belt sign’s nixing is considered amongst the best times to visit the appropriate facilities. This is because it is early in the flight and most people do not yet need to relieve themselves or do not wish to get out of their seat just yet.

Prior To Drink Or Meal Service

This makes perfect sense. Individuals do not need to be biology experts to figure out that a greater number of passengers will need to visit the restrooms after enjoying a beverage or a meal. This is especially true for travelers who like to revel in alcoholic beverages while sojourning through the sky. Therefore, former flight attendants and other travel experts have opined that immediately preceding drink or meal service is another optimal time to answer nature’s call.

While The Plane Is Boarding

Some flight attendants recommend using airplane lavatories during the boarding period. For some passengers, especially those with seat locations not particularly close to a bathroom, this can be a bit of a hassle. The individual in question will likely have to maneuver around other passengers locating their seats and depositing luggage into the overhead compartments. That said, the chances of encountering lines is also reduced.

Right After Meal Or Drink Service

After meal or drinks have been served, flight attendants will peruse the aisles collecting trays and other garbage. To avoid getting stuck during this period, those in the know recommend using the facilities in the minutes following drink or meal service.

Prior To Boarding

Sometimes the best course of action is to attend to one’s business before boarding. This can be especially sound advice for people sojourning on relatively short flights. Addressing the issue prior to stepping on the plane might ensure that the passenger may not need to use the lavatories during the flight’s duration.