Long lines, wailing children, rude customer service representatives, and tasteless peanuts – we all know what to expect when we step foot onto a commercial plane. The average person resigns herself to the inconvenience of commercial flight knowing that, failing the sudden invention of a teleportation device, they have no other easy way to travel to far-flung destinations quickly. For better or worse, discomfort comes part and parcel with widely-available flights, leaving most people resigned to an unhappy journey. Trained pilots, however, have more options. With the proper financial resources and certifications, pilots can bypass the winding lines and fly comfortably in a private aircraft. If you want to pick your own plane, check out the list below!


Cessna Skycatcher

Price: $149,900

Range: 440 nautical miles

While this aircraft may not be the plane of choice for experienced pilots or those planning to travel long distances, it’s a perfect fit for new flight students. The Cessna Skycatcher is commonly utilized as a training plan, as it is relatively easy to operate and comparatively inexpensive. This plane is equipped with a single-piston engine and enough seating for two people.


Icon A5 Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft

Price: $189,000

Range: 300 nautical miles


Don’t be fooled by its quirky design – the Icon A5 is powerful and creatively-designed vessel, with a single engine residing behind its two-person cockpit. When the plane’s landing gear is removed, the Icon A5 functions as a seaplane; it can land and take off from water, and docks similarly to a small or midsize boat.


Cessna TTx

Price: $733,950

Range: 1,250 nautical miles


Don’t underestimate this classy plane! With its single-piston engine and top cruising speed of 235 knots (270 miles per hour), The Cessna TTx is not a plane to miss. This model comes equipped with an Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) autopilot system, which turns out automatically if the plane sense pilot incapacitation, stalling, or uncontrolled movement. This luxury aircraft is ideal for experienced pilots who want to fly in comfort.


Beechcraft G36 Bonanza

Price: $759,000

Range: 643 nautical miles


The Beechcraft G36 Bonanza is a reliable workhorse of a plane. With its single-piston engine and  touchscreen Garmin avionics, this model promises power without the fuss and bother of analog instruments. This vehicle can seat up to six people at a time.


Eclipse 550

Price: $2.89 million

Range: 1,125 nautical miles


With a fuel-efficiency of 59 gallons per hour and the comparatively inexpensive price tag of $2.89 million, the Eclipse 550 offers a luxury flight at an affordable rate. This model has a double engine and can achieve a top cruising speed of 375 knots (430 miles per hour). As an added benefit, the Eclipse is capable of reaching a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet and staying well above most commercial air traffic.